Lord of Silk Road Gallery specialising in antique and unique Persian carpets and kilims was opened in The Hague in 2011 as an extension of the company Morteza Keshavarzi established in Tehran, Iran in 1983 as Lord Carpet.

A lifelong passion and extensive knowledge on Persian carpets have enabled Morteza to build an outstanding collection of exquisite Persian weaves.

While travelling the length and breadth of the Iranian countryside to select those unique carpets, Morteza listened to the stories of tribal people. Traditionally crafted rugs were made to provide more than warmth and to bear more than feet – they were crafted to bear the collective stories and memories of a village or nomadic tribe. Tribal stories spun into yarn speak to us of raw and authentic lives. Memories knotted into threads remind us that such works of art – crafted by hand and teeming with tribal wisdom – have value and meaning.

One begins to marvel at the mind and spirit of the people who create masterpieces that will be admired for centuries to come. Persian carpets adorn the homes of people worldwide who not only recognise the craftsmanship of the carpet makers, but also the creativity and ingenuity required to produce a unique woven treasure.

Morteza’s expertise and deep love of authentic and traditional crafts are reflected in the presentation in his gallery in The Hague. After living in China with his wife for several years, they developed a new passion for old and antique Asian furniture. A carefully selected collection of Asian furniture is presented in the gallery, enriched with various traditional items in silver, brass, copper, jade, porcelain and wood carvings. The beautiful collection of hand-knotted Persian carpets, nomadic rugs, and kilims – all of unique design and provenance – provide an unparalleled aesthetic and exciting experience for the person viewing the collection.